Overview of the Los Angeles County Waste Stream

As part of our Urban Metabolism 2.0 work, the UCLA group has been studying the solid waste stream in Los Angeles County. Quantifying the environmental impacts of this stream requires understanding the complexities of solid waste collection, processing, and disposal—activities which are governed at multiple jurisdictional levels, cross municipal boundaries, and involve hundreds of haulers and facilities. 

Our preliminary understanding of the collection component of the solid waste system is outlined in a posted presented by Dr. Pincetl at the American Geophysical Union Conference in December 2011, available below. This poster also provides a brief explanation of how the Production, Exchange, and Consumption Allocation System (PECAS) model, developed by our collaborators at the University of California Davis, is being utilized to extend urban metabolism to account for the environmental impacts of economic activity occurring within a municipality.

To here to view the poster presented at the American Geophysical Union Conference.