Legal Research in Support of Resource Efficient Street Design

UC Berkeley Center for Research Efficient Communities (CREC) will provide legal research-based guidance and tools in support of resource-efficient street design to city attorneys throughout the state of California.  City attorneys advise various municipal agencies on the legal and liability implications of specific design proposals, and hence they play an important, albeit underestimated, role in the creation of the built environment.  Their interpretations of what conforms to relevant ordinances, laws, and professional codes and standards can determine the outcome of crucial design decisions, and shape streets, buildings and entire cities in profound ways.

CREC will prepare a guidebook for city attorneys focusing on the potential barriers to resource-efficient streets posed by development codes and institutional fragmentation in local government.  The guidebook will summarize best practices in resource-efficient street design; identify how such practices can conform to existing laws, regulations, and codes; identify remaining legal, regulatory, and code barriers to such practices; and discuss case law where relevant.

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