Technology Transfer and Outreach Project

The University of California is developing cutting edge technologies to address the challenges facing our communities.  These new developments can help local governments, MPO’s, other agencies and organizations implement the requirements of SB 375 and related climate action legislation, as well as improve the quality of life for community members. Researchers and staff from UC Davis Extension and UC Davis will work with the California Center for Sustainable Communities (CCSC) research partners and local and regional decision makers and professional staff to turn this research into easy to use planning processes, tools, and techniques that users in the field can implement immediately.  UC Davis Extension and UC Davis will start by working with the Center partners to develop a Technology Transfer and Outreach Plan to understand who the potential users are, their needs as they relate to the Center’s focus issues, and determine strategies for getting the information and tools to those audiences.

Based on the plan, the UC Davis Extension will work with the Center’s partners to develop and conduct webinars, seminars, online or traditional classes, training materials and events, and workshops to communicate analytical methods, research findings, basic information, and use of tools produced through the research for specific user audiences.

UC Davis Extension and UC Davis will explore the development of other tools, methods and activities as appropriate to reach particular audiences and address needs identified in the Plan.

This research is conducted by Jeff Loux and Julia Lave Johnston. To learn more about the California Center for Sustainable Community research partners, please click here.