CCSC Releases First Interactive Map of Electricity Use in LA

Today CCSC is releasing its first interactive mapping website of electricity use in the City of Los Angeles! As a tool for visualizing and analyzing the energy usage trends within the city, this map brings greater transparency to the discussion of better energy investments, energy efficiency, and public policy.

This map displays average monthly energy consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh) at the Census block group level between January 2011 and June 2012. Users can view either average monthly consumption or monthly percent change. Users can hover over an area to view a chart of monthly energy consumption over time as well as characteristics such as average income, and average year built. By clicking on a Census block group, you will see a more in-depth land use chart that may help explain variation in consumption.

The map is the first in a series being developed for the Regional Energy Baselines Project, directed by Stephanie Pincetl, PhD and funded by the California Energy Commission’s PIER program.  Jacki Murdock, an Urban Planning graduate student at the Luskin School of Urban Planning and a CCSC researcher, created the map as part of her Master’s Capstone project. Yoh Kawano, GIS Coordinator at the Institute for Digital Research and Education at UCLA helped advise the GIS efforts on this project. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research are critical partners on the project.

CCSC will be releasing additional maps and analysis about energy use in Los Angeles over the coming year.