Sustainability Bill of Rights: A New Paradigm to Protect Environment and People

Mark Gold, former President of Heal the Bay and current Associate Director of UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, is calling for a new paradigm to protect the environment. In a Huffington Post blog co-authored with Linda Sheehan, the environmental policy advocates and researchers conclude that existing environmental laws are inadequate to protect nature, biodiversity and human health:

“We need nothing short of a new groundswell of citizens as we saw in 1970, this time calling for an environmental rights movement, which protects our rights to clean water, air, soil, food and a natural climate, and reverses rather than just slows degradation. An environmental rights movement must begin with and be led by students, by workers, by communities, by congregations — by the people, who know that respect for the rights of nature preserves our own rights and well-being.”

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