FACT SHEET: Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest US: Urban Areas

coverDr. Pincetl is lead author of the urban areas chapter of a new book assessing climate change in the Southwest United States.

“We found that Southwest cities are unique in their urban form and potential climate vulnerability.  They will experience an increased number of increased heat days, challenging the power grid and posing challenges for climate vulnerable communities.  They are dependent on imported water largely from snow melt that will be impacted with climate change, but are also denser than many of their other counterparts across the nation.  Among the hopeful signs of adaptation, however, many Southwest cities are reducing their water consumption; on the other hand, more heat degree days will lead to more air pollution, so the cities will need to create alternative options to fossil fueled powered automobiles and other transportation,” Pincetl added.

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“Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States” is available from www.islandpress.org and at major retailers. The official websitehttp://www.swcarr.arizona.edu provides access to download full book chapters, short summaries of each chapter and all graphics developed for the report.