2012 LA County Annual Report Released

Did you know that Los Angeles County’s 10 million residents, who live in 88 cities and more than 120 unincorporated communities, make up the nation’s largest and most diverse populace?

The 2012 LA County Annual Report has gone digital!

Los Angeles is a large county- in terms of geographic area and population! LA County recently released its 2012 Annual Report, which contains detailed information about the county’s budget and progress by the departments. The County has used interactive web videos of the report highlights and interviews with County officials to engage the public in ways other than a written report (but you can find that on the website, too!). Here are some interesting facts from the 2012 LA County Annual Report:

  • In the last year, our local government, also the largest in the nation, provided child support services to more than 350,000 children and provided housing services & rent subsidies to nearly 2,000 formerly homeless individuals.
  • Los Angeles County’s $500 billion economy is the 20th largest in the world.
  • In 2012, Los Angeles County provided almost 600,000 vaccines & immunizations and conducted over 150,000 environmental health inspections.
  • The unique culture of Los Angeles County proved as captivating as ever, as more than 1 million guests visited the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and 21 million people enjoyed our 177 parks & nature areas.


Watch the 2012 Los Angeles County Annual Report Fact Roll to learn more. Or, you can view the 2012 Full Annual Report.