Fact Sheet: Unraveling Ties to Petroleum – How Policy Drives California’s Demand for Oil

Juan Matute (Director of the UCLA Local Climate Initiative) and Stephanie Pincetl (Director of the California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA) have released an assessment of California’s policy choices that directly or indirectly drive energy use. Unraveling Petroleum presents an approach to understanding policy implications in the highly complex, layered and interwoven system of petroleum used in transportation – primarily on-road surface transportation and light-duty, private vehicles, but also air transportation.

As policymakers pursue evolved goals, they must consider how pre-existing policies may erode the effectiveness of new policies. Incremental decision-making approaches often fail to address these detrimental effects, which can undermine new policymaking efforts. The new study seeks to link petroleum consumption with policy decisions that, at first glance, may seem unconnected to energy use.

To view a fact sheet of the 15 critiques and recommendations, click here.