CA Sustainability Research Hub Fact Sheet

The California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA is working on the California Sustainability Research Project to increase access to California’s funded sustainable communities research and identify future areas of research needed to meet the State’s environmental goals.

View the CA Sustainability Research Hub Fact Sheet.

Key Project Component: The CA Sustainability Research Hub (Launches March 31)

The CA Sustainability Research Hub website allows navigation through State-funded sustainable communities research that has been conducted since 2000.

The Research Hub is an online searchable database that expands search functionality by allowing users to view CARB, CEC, and Caltrans sustainable communities reports in one place. Over 800 reports can be accessed by report title, key word, author, year, funding agency, the sustainability research topic, or any combination of these categories. In addition to the search function, CCSC at UCLA has also created a brief summary of each report that is displayed in the results section. This enables users to further decide the relevance of a report to their search.