CCSC Launches the CA Sustainability Research Hub

The CA Sustainability Research Hub compiles all of the State’s sustainable community research that has been funded by the CEC, CARB, and Caltrans from 2000 to mid-2013. The CA Sustainability Research Project makes this research more accessible for researchers, policy-makers, and stakeholders.

CCSC has launched the first ever California Sustainability Research Hub. It is a searchable database with access to over 800 of California’s state-funded research reports published from 2000-2013 which relate to sustainable communities. There are 9 sustainability topics that are used to group the reports: Agriculture and Food; Building and Housing; Energy; Environmental Justice and Health; Land Use Planning; Material Flows and Waste; Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services; Transportation; and Water. The reports are also tagged with key words creating an easily sortable database. Users that are just starting to delve into this area of research can use the browse search in order to get a general over view of the sustainable communities data. There is also the option to do an advanced search, allowing users to sort the reports by multiple categories.

The CA Sustainability Research Hub is compiled of reports from a diverse background and the CCSC designed it to be an easily accessible resource. The CCSC aims to not only increase access to California’s previously funded sustainable communities research but to also discover the gaps in our collective knowledge. The Hub is a way to see what research is being funded, its relevance to increasing California communities’ sustainability, where potential gaps are in the research, and to identify potential for future collaboration among agencies funding such research. With this information we can better identify what steps must be taken next in order for California to successfully implement its GHG reductions and sustainability goals. Visit Info Hub 2

The creation of the CA Sustainability Research Hub is only the first step in this process. Later this year the CCSC will be releasing additional reports on this project. Visit the CA Sustainability Research Hub website to discover this powerful tool for yourself.

The site was live from 2008-2015 and archived in 2016.

Visit Info Hub 2