Founding Director

stephanie-pincetl_BWStephanie Pincetl, Ph.D.
Professor-in-Residence, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. Pincetl’s Curriculum Vitae (2016)

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Executive Director

Felicia Federico, D.Env.

Dr. Federico is the Executive Director of the California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA. Felicia has over 30 years of combined experience in academia, consulting, and the private sector, managing science and engineering projects. Her interdisciplinary education combines expertise in engineering and environmental sciences with an understanding of the legal, policy, economic and social science elements critical to addressing complex environmental challenges. Dr. Federico is skilled at organizing interdisciplinary teams, integrating project elements, and communicating technical information clearly and effectively. Focus areas include: water, energy, climate change, ecosystem health assessments, and environmental impacts of industrial activities on disadvantaged communities.

CCSC Staff

Marina McLeod
Program Management
Marina became interested in environmental issues, resource allocation and sustainability while working in local government in Southern California. At the center she helps administer programs and manages communications and publicity.

Erik Porse
Post Doctoral Researcher, Water Governance in LA County
Erik conducts and leads research on energy and water management in Los Angeles, using data analysis and modeling to inform future infrastructure development. He has a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a Master’s degree in Public Policy. Before returning to graduate school, he worked as an adjunct professor and leader for Earlham College’s study abroad program in Tanzania, a science policy analyst, a systems engineer for the U.N., and an intelligence analyst for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Eric FournierEric Daniel Fournier
Post Doctoral Researcher, Spatial Informatics
Eric’s specialty is in the application of quantitative geographic methods to the study of regional energy and water system dynamics. His current research focus is on the identification of potential vulnerabilities to the electric power grid in Southern California stemming from the interacting effects of global climate change, electrification of the automotive transportation fleet, and increased adoption of distributed renewable energy generation technologies. Eric has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Bucknell University, a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Yale FES, a Master’s degree in Geography UCSB, and a PhD in Environmental Informatics UCSB’s Bren School.

Rhianna Williams Rhianna Williams
Documentarian / Ethnographer
Rhianna is interested in cooperative work between governments and communities to manage natural resources. At CCSC, she is documenting the processes used to develop an advanced energy community infrastructure within the City of Claremont, CA and ultimately produce a set of tools that can used to translate and replicate the model in other cities. Rhianna has an MS in Environmental and Energy Policy from the Social Science Department of Michigan Technological University as well as experience working with communities on environmental and economic projects in Colorado and Michigan.

Marcia Hale
Water Governance Research
Marcia Hale is interested in resolving conflicts over natural resources and focuses on governance as a primary intervention. At CCSC, she conducts research on the Southern California urban water system, with particular emphasis on the institutional structure and issues of its governance. With a BA from UCLA in International Development and a Master’s in Urban Planning, she is currently a PhD candidate completing her dissertation research on the role urban water systems play in regional environmental security, especially in Southern California & the Middle East. Marcia worked for the Liberty Hill Foundation on environmental justice policy and for Sedona Magazine in business development. She is a practicing mediator specializing in restorative justice cases, as well as those concerned with identity and family conflicts.

rsz_hannah_staff_bio_pic Hannah Gustafson
GIS Analyst, LA Energy Atlas
Hannah is a lead GIS data analyst for the LA Energy Atlas project, primarily working to expand the Atlas to the broader Southern California region. She has a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA, where she focused on sustainable urban design and development. Prior to joining the CCSC, Hannah worked as a project manager and GIS analyst for an environmental consulting firm based in Santa Monica, CA and as a planning and policy intern with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition.


DanCheng_BWDan Cheng
GIS Programmer, LA Energy Atlas
Dan has a Master’s degree in GIS for Development and the Environment from Clark University and has several years of experience working as a GIS programmer and junior database developer. She has worked on a variety of GIS projects including data maintenance, database design and database unification. At CCSC, she assists in developing the upgraded database for Energy Atlas 2.0.


Alex RicklefsAlex Ricklefs
Research Analyst
Alex earned an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA. His work with the Center involves investigating community energy consumption and developing energy efficiency strategies.



Claire HirashikiClaire Hirashiki
Research Assistant
Claire graduated from UCLA in 2015 with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a double minor in Environmental Engineering and Geospatial Information Systems and Technology. During her undergraduate career, Claire was actively involved in IoES as Lecture Series Director and Action Research Team Leader for the Education for Sustainable Living Program. At CCSC, she is developing online, interactive visualizations of water consumption data and analyzing energy efficiency strategies through GIS.


LARC Staff

Zoe Elizabeth
Zoe has a Master’s in Urban Planning from UCLA, with an emphasis in regional sustainability and climate action. She brings a diverse background with over a decade of experience in program development in the nonprofit, public and academic sectors to her role. Specifically she has expertise in greenhouse gas accounting, corporate and governmental environmental sustainability reporting, regional economic development, and social services. As Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives, Zoe coordinates the research efforts of multiple partners, assists in developing sustainable planning methodologies for practitioners and serves as a communication bridge between the center and external stakeholders at the local, regional and state levels. She currently manages the Regional Energy Baseline project which maps and analyzes building energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in LA County for the past five years.

Celine Kuklawsky
Céline graduated with an MSc in Social Policy and Planning at the London School of Economics. She has a decade’s worth of experience in community activism and organizing, primarily around social justice issues in housing and urban planning. After working for the tenant organizing non-profit S.A.J.E. in South Los Angeles, she led a campaign to take over public housing under threat of demolition, to be run as a community land trust by the residents of a west London neighborhood. She currently serves as an assistant editor to the academic journal City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action and as a contributing member to the popular education organization, Dr. Pop.


CCSC Alumni & Former Staff

Paul Cleland
Former Undergraduate Research Associate, Water Governance in LA County
Paul is pursuing his Bachelor’s of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering and is set to graduate June 2016. He is also minoring in Environmental Systems and Society for which he studied abroad in Sydney, Australia in 2015. His past research experience includes studying the decay rates of FIB in marine environments with Professor Jennifer Jay at UCLA. Paul has also served as a Water Action Research Team Leader under the IoES’s Education for Sustainable Living Program in which he helped save UCLA over 700,000 gallons of potable water each year through fixture audits and updates. He currently serves as the President of the Engineers Without Borders-UCLA Student Chapter and is a Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Civil & Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Fellow. At CCSC he is assisting with research interested in relationships between governance and the potential of water self-reliance in the region.”

Erika Kidera
Former Undergraduate Research Associate, Urban Water Sustainability
Erika is pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science with a minor concentration on Geography and Environmental Studies at UCLA, and is set to graduate in 2016. She has interned for the California State Department of Water Resources and has been an undergraduate researcher for the Water Action Research Team for the IoEs’s Education for Sustainable Living Program. Erika was also selected as a delegate for a student simulation held in Paris last May of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties 21. At the CCSC, she has assisted on a project centered on urban water availability, quality, and sustainability in engineered cities. She is currently working on a project to evaluate turf replacement programs in Los Angeles County.

Anna Zisa
Former Visiting Graduate Student
Anna is an MSc student in Integrated Water Resources Management at McGill University. At the CCSC, Anna conducted an independent research project looking at the statewide urban water conservation policies and the  geographic information systems tools developed to support them. She is interested in how water management coordination occurs in the context of severe drought and how spatial data infrastructures can assist sustainability efforts. She is most interested in functional designs inspired from nature and has experience in teaching Permaculture Design in Spain, Portugal, Canada, Mexico and Sweden. She holds a BA in Environment and Development and a minor in Ecological Agriculture.

Deepak Sivarman

Sinnott Murphy

Debbie Cheng

Kristen Holdsworth
Former Project Manager
Kristen has a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA and a Leaders in Sustainability Certification from UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. As a graduate student, Kristen primarily focused on transportation policy and planning and worked on a project with LA County Metro to evaluate county-wide sustainability. At CCSC, Kristen assists in the Center’s communications and distribution of research to stakeholders, policymakers and other research centers. She also worked for the Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability and directed work with a Strategic Growth Council grant developing a LA County framework for climate action.

Miriam Cope

Robert Graham
Former Web GIS Programmer, LA Energy Atlas
Rob has a Master’s degree in GIS from University of Denver and several years of experience working in spatial data production and GIS consulting. He has worked with a variety of public interest groups to create engaging websites, data architectures, and interactive maps that provide tools for decision support and communicate complex geospatial data to diverse audiences. At CCSC, Rob assisted in leading development of the LA Energy Atlas and data management efforts.

Thuy Vu
Former Graduate Student Researcher, LA Energy Atlas
Thuy was a PhD student in the Computer Science department at UCLA. His research interest includes machine learning and its applications in natural language processing and data mining. Prior to his studentship at UCLA, he was working as a research engineer for the Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR in Singapore from 2006-2011. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from University of Sciences, Vietnam.