Residential Water Consumption in Los Angeles

What are the Drivers and are Conservation Measures Working?

A policy summary written by Céline Kuklowsky based on the Ph.D. dissertation of Caroline Mini at UCLA (supervised by Terri Hogue and Stephanie Pincetl).

Dr. Stephanie Pincetl and Dr. Terri Hogue supervised a National Science Foundation funded project that analyzed the factors that drive single-family residential water use across the City of Los Angeles. The researchers analyzed ten years of data that links water consumption with socio-economic demographics, climate information, and water prices. The research provides additional understanding of spatial and temporal water use patterns and of the key factors that drive both indoor and outdoor water consumption across the city.

View the Policy Fact Sheet or download the full Residential Water Consumption + Conservation Policy Brief.

For more information contact: Stephanie Pincetl at UCLA or Terri S. Hogue at The Colorado School of Mines.

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